Indulge in fun activities that bring you a step closer to nature and help you learn farming techniques better.
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Activities That Arouse Curiosity

Farming might be a tedious job. But, the learning and experience is an exhilarating one! Try stepping into the heart of nature and indulge in fun indoor and outdoor activities that help you learn more about nature, organic farming and experience life in a whole new perspective! And, if you are a fitness freak, then you can go ahead and workout at our fully-equipped gym with modern amenities.

At Inspace Farm, we offer you fun activities that brims with the freshness of nature. Here, children get to learn more about our mother earth, animals, plants, insects and above all, gain valuable life skills! They get to learn about healthy and unhealthy eating and distinguish between junk and fresh food. They get to touch, feel and know nature in a way they have never experienced before. Let their curious little minds explore the beauty of nature and take back precious life lessons from it!

 activities that arouse curiosity

Activities That Help You Experience Nature

Here is a complete list of activities that you can happily indulge in at our Inspace Farm

Audio Visual Auditorium

Here we conduct interactive learning sessions inside our audiovisual classrooms well-equipped with a widescreen television, LCD projector, scanner, DVD players and plenty of CDs and DVDs about various topics related to nature. We include storytelling sessions, singing, dancing, recitation and plenty of communication activities to keep you engaged and entertained.

Dairy Farming

Get set to explore the dairy farm and learn the art of rearing farm animals! Here, both children and adults get to interact with our cows, learn how to take care of farm animals, how to get the milk and how to produce dairy items like butter, ghee, cheese, curd and buttermilk.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is the technique of rearing domesticated birds like ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys to produce eggs and meat for food, and feathers for ornamental purposes. At Inspace Farm, you get to learn how to domesticate these birds, interact with them and even try some country-style meat cooking lessons.

Bullock Cart Ride

For the ones who love a bit of adventure and fun, bullock cart riding is the best choice to go for! Our carts are beautifully adorned with plush mattresses, pillows and other necessities to help you enjoy an unforgettable countryside experience along with your family.

Tractor Ride

Hop on to a tractor and experience the fun of riding a huge tractor through the countryside roads and farms! At Inspace, we take you and your family on an educational tour on our tractors to help you enjoy a day out in the fields, close to nature.

Swimming Pools

Take a stroll through the fields and reach the little swimming pools with natural waterfalls that help you relax and rejuvenate. Kids can have a whale of a time here swimming, laughing and enjoying in the rustic, peaceful and cool pools of nature

Fish Farming

Fish farming is the method of growing fish in confined tanks or other enclosed spaces to use for human consumption later. In our farm, children can learn about marine ecosystems, know where the seafood is produced from, and even learn how to cook and eat fish.

Mushroom Cultivation

Since mushrooms are not the typical plants you see on a daily basis, mushroom farming helps children to learn more about this fungus, how they grow and how they can be used for consumption. The mushrooms can literally grow in front of your eyes and can be harvested in a fortnight!
Farm Location
‘INSPACE FARM’,228, Tharakshi Main Road 
Tharakshi Village, Uthukottai TK,, 
Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu 602026
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