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Inspace Plant Nursery- Create a garden of greens and blooms to reap heaps of joy and contentment!
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Go Green, Sow Life & Reap Joy

Inspace Farm is one of the leading horticulture experts in Tamil Nadu. We offer you the best quality seeds, saplings, organic manure and plants to help you experience the joy of creating new lives through green leaves and floral blooms. Our wide collection of garden plants leaves you pampered with choices by offering you a vast selection to choose from. Be it for your small floral garden in your backyard or for developing a large botanical garden; we provide you with everything you will need to set it up. Medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits or flowering plants, indoor or outdoor plants; we provide you with the best quality seeds and saplings. We also deal with a range of rare varieties, exotic fruits, and ornamental plants. Give your home a green makeover with Inspace Farm!

Grow Your Green Dreams With Us

Gardening is an art, and you are the artist. We offer you the seeds and saplings to create the art.

Delve Deep Into Our Heritage

Since time immemorial, medicinal plants or medicinal herbs are known for their magical healing powers. It not only helps in treating diseases but also helps in maintaining good health and ensuring that you remain hale and happy. At Inspace Farm, you get to choose from a range of traditional, rare and exotic medicinal plant varieties.
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Offer Shelter With Avenue Plants

Avenue plantation is the process of growing tall trees alongside highways, pathways and roadsides to offer shelter and comfort. It forms a natural green umbrella against the scorching sun rays. In addition to offering shade, it helps in controlling soil erosion and even adds an aesthetic value to your place.
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Grow Blooms With Flowering Plants

Flowers bring joy in multiple hues to your garden. They breathe life into your green space and add the much-needed aroma and beauty to accentuate your garden. At Inspace, we offer you a wide range of high-quality flower blooms to add a dash of vibrancy to your garden.
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Reap Freshness With Vegetable Plants

Why buy vegetables when you can grow those juicy fresh tomatoes, pretty yellow pumpkins and fresh snake gourds right there in your home garden? Inspace provides you with a complete list of seeds and saplings for all the vegetable plants you need.
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Reap Ripeness With Fruit Plants

Bite into a fresh, juicy mango you just picked from your garden or watch a gorgeous red watermelon grow right in your backyard! Pick your favourite fruit plants from Inspace Farm and plant seeds and saplings that reap ripeness and offer sweetness.
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Farm Location
‘INSPACE FARM’,228, Tharakshi Main Road 
Tharakshi Village, Uthukottai TK,, 
Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu 602026
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