Break Free From The Monotonous City Life To Take A Trip Back To The Crib Of Mother Nature
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Welcome to Inspace Farm, nature’s lap in its most pristine form! Throw away the shackles of daily stress elements, and discover the soul of nature, hushing the streams to slow slumber. Unwind and relax your senses in a simple yet alluring way by exploring the heart of nature, listening to its soothing melodies and letting yourself drown in the fresh hues of lush greenery.

At Inspace, we offer you a complete agro-tourism package that covers it all, including a farm stay where you get to live in the cradle of nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Let go of your inhibitions and get your feet muddy as you wade through the paddy fields. Gush at the petioles studded with dewdrops and learn how to farm the cashews and mangoes. Cup the maize in your hands as it waves happily to the tunes of the chilly breeze. Discover life in a whole new perspective right here! All you need to do is to book your dates and head straight to Inspace Farm!

Young banana saplings planted amongst the green grasses with adjoining paddy field nearby and a building at the backdrop

Unfolding Your Farm Tour Itinerary Bringing You Closer To Nature

A day at Inspace farm will be a day you will remember forever! Here you get to experience the rustic rural life by taking a tour through our emerald green fields, learning how to live in harmony with nature, soaking yourself in the sunbeams and telling tales to the glistening brook. An expert naturalist will accompany you and help you get familiarised with the farm life. Here are the things you can do at Inspace Farm

Aerial view of a man wearing a floral printed hat preparing the soil for the next crop

Get To The Heart Of Farming

At Inspace, we strictly follow the traditional methods of farming. Here you get to learn about organic farming, water and soil conservation, usage of bird manure and cow dung as vermicompost and much more. Let’s together preserve nature and help it flourish in its purest form!
Closeup view of clay smeared hands skillfully crafting a mud pot

Amazing Adventure Activities

Get your fingers immersed deep in the muddy yet silky clay as you try your hands at pottery! Unleash the kid in you as you jump up inside a bullock cart to take a wobbly trip up the mountains! Learn more about dairy farming, rearing animals, birds, and maybe even learn to tap your feet to a traditional folk dance!
An elderly man overlooking three men working on the fields planting seedlings

Delve Deep Into Our Heritage

Interact closely with the local villagers and artisans to experience a day in the life of a farmer up close. Delve deeper into the cultural tapestry of rural Tamil Nadu and pride yourself in being a part of its rich culture and traditional farming methods.
The morning sun peeking from behind a mountain spreading its beams like a dazzling diamond illuminating the sky above and the fields below

Study Tour For The Curious Little Minds

At Inspace, we offer a detailed study tour for the curious little minds to help the children of today learn more about rural lives by providing them with hands-on farming experience. Here they get to interact with the farm animals, walk through our vegetable gardens and watch the rainbows in its full glory.

Experience The Joy Of Farm Stay

Return back to nature to rejuvenate your mind and body in the most delightful way! Say goodbye to honking horns, traffic block frenzies and suffocating air-conditioned cubicles. Breathe the fresh air, watch the butterflies flutter around and chase the red-beetles as they try to steal the juicy red watermelon juice!

At Inspace Farm, we offer our guests a completely enthralling experience. Here you get to wake up to the chirping of birds and sip your coffee as the gentle breeze play hide-and-seek with your hair strands. We blend the comforts of modern-day living, delicious spreads of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks along with various rural activities, adventure sports and fun-games. Come, experience the joy of living with nature!

Side view of one of the cottages with coconut trees nearby


  • Pooja at a temple where the light from the fire in Homam conducted is illuminating the pooja things kept around it
    Temple Pooja and a short insight into Agri-tourism at the entry
  • An inviting breakfast of soft idlis and vadas served on a banana leaf with sambar, coconut chutney, and kaara chutney on three different mud bowls
    A fine spread of delicious breakfast
  • Three country cows feeding on a haystack looking as innocent as a child
    Dairy Farming (Viewing and Briefing)
  • A brown healthy country hen feeding on a feeder with another hen facing the opposite side
    Poultry Farming (Viewing and Briefing)
  • Harvesting (You get to do on your Own)
  • Tractor Ride/ Bullock Cart Ride
  • A man standing in the middle of a lake throwing a fishing net with a plastic sack floating nearby
  • Scrumptious Lunch
  • An intrigued small girl wearing a mask is keen about something on the field and inspecting the same
    U-pick operations
  • Outdoor farm activity where colourful balls are placed on a field with people standing around them ready for the fun
    Outdoor / Indoor Games
  • A girl with a beaming smile learning swimming with adult supervision beside in the beautifully clear lake on the farm
    Swimming ( Available on request)
  • Four different hands holding four different cups of tea with fruits and kettle on the tea table
    A refreshing cup of tea
Blend With Nature, Breathe The Nature And Experience The Magic Of Nature
Farm Location
‘INSPACE FARM’,228, Tharakshi Main Road 
Tharakshi Village, Uthukottai TK,, 
Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu 602026
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